The Service Tech Quiz


Part 1 of 4

Find out if you are a Master Technician, Journeyman, or just a Helper!

1. Reversing valves for Rheem Heat Pumps are energized in:

A) Heating Mode
B) Cooling Mode
C) Defrost Mode

2. A Time/Temp Defrost Thermostat is a:

A) Sensor
B) Open/Close Switch
C) Mechanical device no longer used

3. Suction superheat on a cap tube or orifice system:

A) Rises when freon is added
B) Falls when freon is added
C) Does not change when freon is added

4. Recommended CFM on a heat pump is:

A) 400 CFM per ton
B) 4000 CFM per ton
C) 40 CFM per ton

5. Actual CFM can be determined by:

A) Measuring incoming voltage / amp draw of heaters x TR
B) Volts x Amps x TR / KW of heaters
C) Volts x Amps x 3.41 / TR x 1.08

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