The Service Tech Quiz


Part 4 of 4

Find out if you are a Master Technician, Journeyman, or just a Helper!

1. P-traps on condensate drains should be used:

A) When the coil is on the positive side of the blower
B) When the coil is on the negative side of the blower
C) Always

2. A high temperature rise on a gas furnace can be caused by:

A) Not enough air-flow
B) A cracked heat exchanger
C) Both

3. High compressor discharge temperatures can be caused by a:

A) Low refrigerant charge
B) Blocked filter drier
C) Blocked air filter

4. On oil systems, a low CO2 and a 0 smoke could be an indication of:

A) Poor draft
B) Incorrect electrode settings
C) Too much excess air

5. The bypass plug should be installed in fuel pumps for:

A) Single pipe systems
B) Two pipe systems
C) Two stage pump, single pipe systems

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